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Teaching Buddhist Monks
In this project you will be teaching and helping Buddhist monks. In The monastery at any given time there around 20 to 40 monks, of which there will be 2 classes, one for seniors and one for junior students. The monks are approximately 6 to 16 years old. VCD Nepal will provide you with a guide to planning lessons for the students but it encouraged that you compose your own lessons and games for the students to keep them stimulated.

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VCD raise funds to Support Durga & her kids
VCD Nepal has been raising some fund to support Durga and her 2 kids(6 and 8 years old). VCD found them that they were in real need. VCD Nepal has created a solution to this, and needs your help to fund it. The family will be given a room near VCD's Lighthouse, where they will be able to live together. The children will go to school during the day whilst the mother works to earn money for their future. VCD are also trying to find more work for the mo

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VCD Nepal Review
I am so lucky to have volunteered for VCD! I have been in Nepal for two months with the family’s support. I could not have asked for more kindness, generosity, or goodwill. I stayed for five and a half weeks at Khawalung Tashi Choeling Monastery near Boudhanath in Kathmandu. Although in the beginning I was unsure about my role as a volunteer, I quickly found myself teaching an English class with one other volunteer to monks who were just starting to learn the language. With new monks arriving at the monastery, we soon had around 17 students aged 7 to Read More