Web Design & SEO

You will be helping a non-profit organization to update and manage their website, SEO management, blog and to create digital promotional and educational materials. We are open for any new ideas and are looking for talented individuals with design experience to promote our non-profit work globally.


Documentary & Film Making

It is one of the richest country in the world for it’s diverse nature,people, culture and tradition. If you are interested in making documentary or film in Nepal there are hundreds of interesting topic that you can chose as your dream project. For example adventurous journeys to cultural diversity and spending your time with small local communities.


Tourism & Hospitality

Nepal is an excellent choice for all different kinds of travelers. It is one of the top destination for tourists who love extreme adventure, nature seekers, and spiritual practices.


Journalism & Photography

VCD founded and continues to manage the national fortnightly newspaper, Tourism Times and a tourism online portal, The government of Nepal has rated it as a national A-rated newspaper and is published both in English and Nepali. An internship with Tourism Times is a perfect opportunity for writers, journalists and photographers.


Medical Elective

This internship is for individuals and groups currently studying towards a career in a medical field or already qualified, such as doctors, nurses and EMTs. Interns will be working at large city hospitals in Nepal.

As a medical elective, you will have a chance to see the differences between the health care systems in a western country that now works digitally and in a developing country that largely works manually.