Goat For Hope

Goal: VCD Nepal is focused on the education of girls in Nepal and pulling families out of poverty. Our objective with this project is to provide needy families with a goat to increase their income and nutrition needs. Families will be able to sell milk and other goat milk derived products, goat manure fertilizer, and provide other needy families with a goat kid when their goat births. The donated goat will be the property of a young girl within a family so that income generated from raising the goat can be used towards her education and future.  

Impact: This project VCD Nepal has implemented is ongoing. Our mission is to help people help themselves so that a family is able to provide for their childrens’ future and at the same time encourage them to give back and help their own community. Girls are still at a disadvantage when it comes to receiving an education, especially in rural Nepal, but we believe that educating our daughters means we educate the future.

By making a goat the property of the girl, SHE will be in charge of her future. The cost to sponsor a family with a goat is low but has the ability to make a significant and long term impact.

Take action: Sponsor a goat for a girl in need or Volunteer with VCD Nepal on one of our projects! Individuals who would like to sponsor a family with a goat will receive photos of sponsored family/girl. 

What makes VCD’s project different: 100% of your donation goes directly to the family. We believe in helping others in need and by doing so, we benefit by making our community a better place. Donating a goat with VCD Nepal, you are directly giving to a family in need. No overhead, middleman costs are involved.

Cost: $65 per sponsored goat. Cost includes price of goat bought from a nearby village of sponsored family/daughter and startup costs of raising and caring for goat. 

Contact for more information about this project: info@vcdnepal.org