VCD Celebrates Aarati’s birthday

Dear VCDer’s, It’s been a sad time for Nepal. Few years before we had massive earthquake which killed over 8,000 people. Now we are suffering from flood and landslide and about 100 people have lost their life. This is a real tragedy time for us.

Aarati with her brother Aasish and Bicky
Aarati with her mother and VCD team.

Besides this sad news i have a good news to share with you as well. Do you remember about four months ago i shared something to you about a family(A mother and 2 kids) who were living in slum area and VCD rescued them from there about provided a good accommodation near our volunteer accommodation(Light house) and send her kids to the local private school for their education.

I invited them to my volunteer home to celebrate Aarati’s(6 years old daughter) birthday. She told me that she had never celebrated her birthday. I bought a cake and some presents fo her. We had some music and her brother(8 years old) just dancing and dancing. I talked to their mother. She was extremely happy that her kids are having such a great family time. She thanks to all the supporter and VCD. She told me that her life has changed now. She is now living happily with her 2 beautiful kids.

Bicky feeds Aarati birthday cake

I thank all of you guys for you kind support. For now family is well settled. But i am still looking for a sponsor who can pay for these kids education later. About 30 Dollars a month would be enough for these two kids sending them to a local English school. There are other expenses as well besides school fee. You can pay for their house rent, sometimes going out and food. If you are interested please feel free to contact me. Any help would be highly appreciated! Thank you.

Best regards, Bicky