VCD raise funds to Support Durga & her kids

VCD Nepal has been raising some fund to support Durga and her 2 kids(6 and 8 years old). VCD found them that they were in real need. VCD Nepal has created a solution to this, and needs your help to fund it. The family will be given a room near VCD’s Lighthouse, where they will be able to live together. The children will go to school during the day whilst the mother works to earn money for their future. VCD are also trying to find more work for the mother. 

    Durga and her kids

The mother Durga has to raise the children on her own since their father left them. She does laundry and chores at other people’s houses just to make ends meet, and she has no choice but to lock her children in her room whilst she goes out to work since she cannot afford for them to go to school. This means that the children are not receiving the education and quality of life that they deserve. 

 Please visit the page and donate to support Durga and her two beautiful kids at: