VCD Team


Bishal Paudel- Director

Bishal joined VCD Nepal in March 2013 after he returned from UK.  Since than he has been working to place international volunteers in appropriate placements around Nepal and also plans the adventure section of the volunteer’s trip.

He lived in England for 18 month whilst studying Business. Upon his return from England, he started working with VCD Nepal. His hobbies include exploring and trekking.

Santosh Pokhrel – Program Coordinator and internship head

He is a one of the founding team members of VCD Nepal. He is responsible for arranging suitable placement for international interns and coordinate local program. Santosh also works as an editor for a National fortnightly newspaper, the Tourism Times. He has visited Singapore, Indonesia and Romania on volunteer exchanges and capacity building programs. Santosh joined VCD in January 2008 .

Prakash Silwal- Volunteer Coordinator  

He has been working with VCD Nepal since January 2012. His duties are to provide volunteers with airport pick up and drop off, arrange volunteers and to take volunteers sight-seeing around Kathmandu.

Beside working for VCD Nepal he also runs an adventure company named Super Holiday trip ( He also takes volunteers for trekking and other adventure activities. Volunteers known him as a mountain goat.

Dheeraj Lamichhaney- Volunteer Coordinator/ Office Development
Dheeraj has been working with VCD Nepal since 2015. His duties includes taking volunteers to sightseeing and help promote VCD internationally on social media.

His lives with his parents. His hobby includes travelling and social work.

Pratikshya –
Community Library Coordinator

She joined VCD Nepal in October  2014 as a library coordinator. In this role, she helps Bikram to manage the community library in Chitwan. Pratikshya is very good at motivating the  kids that visit the library as part of their after school project. Pratikshaya has visited Indonesia and Romania on volunteer exchange programs.

She also coordinate kids volunteers team at VCD Nepal’s chlidren resource center in Torikhet.

Sheela Rimal – Volunteer Coordinator

She started her career with VCD in 2011 . Sheela takes volunteers sightseeing around Kathmandu and also helps them to plan their trip around major touristy sites of Nepal.She also helps in office administration for sorting out budget for our community projects and teaches volunteers about Nepali culture. She lives together with her husband and a baby boy.

Shyam Silwal – Village Coordinator

He started working as a village coordinator with VCD Nepal in 2007. He takes care of VCD volunteers while they are in his village by taking them sight-seeing and showing them around the village. His family have hosted more than 100 volunteers from 21 different countries in the last 10 years. He lives happily with his wife and four daughters in the village of Godawari, Nepal.

Durga Giri – Village Coordinator

Mr Giri is a VCD Nepal coordinator for Pokhara region. He is also working as a teacher in a local school. He mobilize local volunteers in various community projects. He has been working with VCD since 2008.

Simram/ Sabita/ Apsara – Local kid volunteer 

Simran (12 years old), Sabita (10 years old) and Apsara (9 years old) are contributing their weekend free time as a volunteer at VCD Nepal’s chlidren resource center in Torikhet. They are international and library coordinator to manage children’s resource center. They have been working since 2015.



Gitte Hoehl, Denmark
Gitte has visited Nepal a total of nine times with her first visit in 2008. She has spent more than one year in Nepal, working at the orphanage in Chitwan, at monasteries in addition to volunteering at most of VCD Nepal’s projects. At home in Denmark, she is a retired teacher of 39 years and has a passion for travel, experiencing new cultures and helping where she can.


Nicole Dobson, Melbourne, Australia
Hi, my name is Nicole. I was in Nepal for short of a month in 2018 and my aim is to assist the development of the program and it’s connection with Australia. The development in the community as a result of this organisation is phenomenal and directly having a positive impact on Nepali people. I hope many more Aussies can come to Nepal and share the experience I had with the VCD family. Send me an email and we can discuss possibilities.


Connie Lau, New York, USA
Connie has been to Nepal four times. She loves Nepal. She volunteered at the VCD office and also taught at the Children resource center in Pokhara.

Teresa Yung, Maryland, USA
Teresa worked with VCD Nepal in 2008. She taught English at the local school in Chitwan for 2 months.


Nathanya Laurent, Leeds, UK
Nathanya taught English in Nepal for 5 weeks in 2011 in her first visit. She volunteered again with VCD in 2015 for about 3 weeks. 


Vibha Dhawan, Calgary, Canada
Vibha volunteered with VCD in 2011. She taught at the school in Pokhara for 2 weeks.


Miriam Pylkko, Finland
Miriam has spent a total of 8 months in Nepal.
Her projects have included helping at a monastery, teaching at a school and she
has helped with the establishment of the VCD head office in Kathmandu, and aided in coordinating volunteers. She has also traveled extensively throughout Nepal.


Rebecca Wollborn, Hamburg, Germany
Rebecca volunteered twice with VCD Nepal. In her first visit she volunteered at the monastery but in her second visit she did medical intern at one of our hospital placement.


Trix Van Hest, The Netherlands
Trix lives in Amsterdam. She volunteered with VCD in 2009 for a month.


Martha de Ramon, Barcelona, Spain
Marta fue una voluntaria de Cataluña, estudiante de sociologia que pasó 3 meses en Nepal. Estuvo alrededor de un mes como voluntaria en un orfanato de Pokhara, ayudando a los niños y niñas con sus quehaceres, jugando y realizando varias actividades de ocio. Otro mes estuvo trabajando en el monasterio del valle de Kathmandu enseñando ingles a los monjes budistas. Para Marta estar en el monasterio y compartir el dia a dia y las oraciones con los monjes fue una experiencia inolvidable.


Maria Del Rosario Vasquez, Columbia
Maria spent about 5 months in Nepal in 2014/2015 . She joined VCD for tourism and hospitality program. She also helped VCD to develop it’s new projects. She is very kind and friendly.


Shahad Alamoudi, Saudi Arabia
Shahad is a medical student. She did few weeks of medical intenship along with her two friend at one of our medical palcement in Kathmandu.


Alicia Warren, Japan/South Korea
Alicia volunteered in an orphanage home in Chitwan for one month in 2008.