Volunteer’s on the field ………..


Amanda: She is from USA and she is volunteering at the monastery in Kathmandu. She signed up with us for 2 months. She is enjoying her placement. 

Amanda with other volunteers in the village.

Malte: He is working as a nursing intern at one of the hospital in Kathmandu. He is also here for two month and already finish about 5 weeks and will be here for another 3 weeks. He is staying together with VCD family at the light house.

Malte at duty room with other nurses

Sviatlana : She arrived about 2 months ago and spent most of her time with a local family in Godawari. She volunteered at the primary school and loved teaching school kids. Sviatlala also joined VCD Nepal’s adventure program and did some trek around Annapurna region and Jungle Safari in Chitwan. She left on  31st March to go back. 

Sviatlana enjoys her time with the local school children

Heather and Bow: They came together to explore Nepal and to do some volunteering work. Heather volunteered at the Kathmandu monastery and Bow is volunteered in Chitwan. Bow  worked as an elephant caretaker. They are sisters.

Adrian: He arrived on March 25th and staying at the light house. For few day he will be doing some sightseeing around Kathmandu and learn about Nepali culture and then go to the placement.